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1. What is Indonesian Culture Preservation and Development Donation?

A program that donates to the Indonesian Social Institutions or certain groups or through the department of education and culture, which then will be used to support the human resource development in skill and self-development.

2. How do I donate through this program?

Your donation will be 10% of your purchase, and then another 10% from the donation

3. Where does my donation go?

Your donation will be distributed in accordance to your choice. All members will be given a chance to vote from the list that we provide. You can find the list below (please click each link to find out more about the institution)


The Yayasan Pecinta Budaya Bebali (YPBB) is an Indonesian non-profit organization that helps hundreds of weavers who live in remote, under-developed villages turn textiles, crafts, and other expressions of their local cultures into badly needed income in a way that is environmentally sustainable, promotes cultural integrity, and empowers women. Our partners have provided us with a "mandate" of issues that they want addressed, in three general areas: incubating community businesses, managing forests and natural resources, and nurturing traditional culture.


 Perhimpunan LAWE was established in August 2004, located in Yogyakarta, and is an organization of the people who fight for the development of Indonesian woven cloth; especially traditional weaves. For that purpose, Perhimpunan LAWE has developed various researches in cloth and product design, cloth processing into functional products, until the market research.

Perhimpunan LAWE has a mission to increase traditional crafters’ capacity, both in knowledge and technical development. Aligned with this purpose, LAWE also informs the values of traditions and cultural heritage preservation to all people.

Along with all of the goals, LAWE’s most important mission is to make people lives better through increasing social and economy aspect, especially women who work as traditional cloth crafters and those who create products made of traditional cloths, so they can live a better life, and also creating a better nation.


Dreamdelion Community Empowerment (Yayasan Dreamdelion Indonesia) is a community development that focuses on issues related to education, health and environment, as well the empowerment of local economy. Collaborating with local community, Dreamdelion has a vision to create a positive social impact to the social challenges that are faced by our people.

Dreamdelion came from 2 words: Dream and Delion (dandelion flower) that blows by the wind. Dreamdelion has a meaning to spread the dream.

Dreamdelion introduces 3 main programs through 3 characters: Dreamy (Smart Dreamdelion), Sany (Healthy Dreamdelion), and Aray (Creative Dreamdelion).


Yayasan Alam Melayu Sriwijaya (MALAYA) was born in 10 March 2015 with the Establishment Act No.07 through Notary Yan Maya Padha, SH, Mkn. This institution was named “Alam Melayu Sriwijaya”, or shorten into MALAYA that is headquartered in Palembang.

The main purpose of MALAYA is to create activities that preserve the culture, tradition, national and melayu local wisdom as a part of this nation’s richness. MALAYA institution is supported by a solid team of experienced individuals from various field, including art and culture.


One of the real sectors that becomes really important for Indonesia is creative economy. President Joko Widodo has once stated his optimism that creative economy will become the backbone of Indonesia’s economy. While other sectors highly rely on natural resources, the strength of creative economy lies on human resources. Art, architecture, books, innovation of technology, animations, are all the result of human mind’s creativity.

To make this happen, in 20 January 2015, through the Indonesian Presidential Regulation No.6 Year 2015 in regards to Creative Economy Institution, President Joko Widodo established a new non-ministry institution called Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF). This institution holds the responsibility to the development of creative economy in Indonesia. BEKRAF is responsible to support the president in formulating, establishing, coordinating, and synchronizing policies of creative economy.


4. What if I don’t want to give donation?

This website, and all of the work in it is dedicated to the importance of cultural preservation and development, as well as increasing the crafters’ welfare, especially weave crafters. And that is our one and only mission. Thus, this donation program is one of our ways to make this mission a reality, and you as our precious customers will automatically become a donator. We hope that you will support our mission.

5. What if I don’t want to choose where the donation will be distributed?

You can choose the option “Letting the decision taken by the organizer”

6. Am I going to get a report?

You will receive a report about the donation amount, along with your order detail. You can also track it through your donation account in Member Area. The Donation Account will always be renewed on Saturday, Indonesia Western Time at 23.30.

7. Where will the donation be kept?

We will keep your donation separately in Tahapan Berjangka Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) under personal name, which have to be withdrawn according to the agreed time and could also be postponed. Through a few considerations and references, we believe that BRI has a trustworthy commitment to small business groups (KUK / Kelompok Pengusaha Kecil).

8. How about the currency?

BRI’s currenct is IDR (Indonesia Rupiah). Every non-rupiah will be converted into rupiah, depends on the buy rate in BRI.

9. Where will you distribute the bank interest?

Minus the bank tax and administration fee applied, all of the money on the account will be used for donation needs.

10. When will this donation program end?

This donation program will end after achieving the target of Rp 250.000.000,- (two hundred and fifty million rupiah), or about Us$18,700 (eighteen thousand and seven hundred dollar). This is a very big amount and will help the lives of all crafters or institutions that supporting the crafters to keep create their art.

11. How to distribute the donation?

  1. We will call the institution that has the most vote and tell them that they will get the donation (all of the money in our BRI account) and ask for a statement letter which stating that the institution itself has agreed to receive our donation, along with their bank account.
  2. After we receive the letter, we will give a letter of authorization to BRI to transfer all of the money in our account, as soon as possible.
  3. An announcement and other documents needed will be informed to all members.


12. What if this business threatened by bankruptcy and should be dismissed?

We will not be threatened by bankruptcy since we use personal savings and own high quality products, that will always be useful for many things and for those who need it. However, if we were to be dismissed because of any possible reason outside our decision, then we will be giving the donation to the most voted institution, no matter how much the donation is. You will be getting a notification about this matter, both personally and through social media. We will be giving the donation by following the step on number 11 above.

13. If this program succeed, will it be ended and start another program?

Yes. There are still other institutions in our list (those who were not getting the most vote) that also need the donation. Or maybe there are other institutions that are not tracked by us that need it. This social program will keep going until there are no more institutions or individuals that need the donation. Until Indonesian culture has progressed and keep developing, which has always been our dream. We hope for the best.

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