We only produce products that are made of handmade or non-machine tool weaves (for plain cloths), and all of it are made of cotton material. Cloths that are produced with hand, are supported by traditional non-machine tools and Eco-friendly. Hence why, this holds a high value from the beginning of the process until the product result.

In buying the cloths from the crafters, we don’t negotiate whatsoever. It’s impossible for us to negotiate, considering that we will never be able to weave those threads into cloths with beautiful motifs by ourselves. Their skills have been taught generation to generation, as well as their love to their culture – it’s something that could not be negotiated. They deserve to have the highest appreciation possible, and that is what we believe in.


In this website, we will also be showing you some little stories about Indonesian cultures. Slowly but sure, we will travel around Indonesia and tell all of our findings here.


The owner was graduated from Industrial Engineering Faculty, Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta University, who has always dreamed to be a fashion designer since she could ever remember. However, due to certain reason, she had to apply for industrial engineering study and became an industrial worker for quite amount of time. Along the way, her dream was still the same. She has experienced the greatness of Indonesian culture, and is passionate about spreading her love to Indonesian products. She believes that the crafters’ welfare for all range of cultures could be much better, if the Indonesian people themselves love their own local product. The focus has been made, and she fell in love at the first touch with woven clothes.

Some of the designs has been produced to fulfill the needs in a Parish, but now is the time to step further. For a wider range of people. For a better life of many people. Hopefully.