There are over 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia, and each group has their own cultural heritage that evolve through centuries, influenced by cultures from other countries including India, Saudi Arabia, China, Europe, and also our own culture – Melayu.

Picture taken by Owner, Dedicated to Santo Paulus Pekanbaru Parish

Weaving, is one of the most beautiful human-made craft that is made of natural products, through the hands of people who patiently weave the threads into cloths.

Until this day, we can see that weaving is still done mostly by the elders and women. They are trying their best to pass on this precious heritage to their younger generations. For them, this is the only thing they could do to save the “weaving generation”: to accept and collaborate with technology.

The people who are still weaving are those who really love their culture and trying to preserve it.


Some of them also have hopes for their younger generations to have a broader knowledge about the world.

They are in a complicated situation where they really want to preserve their culture, but they also need to fulfill financial needs of their family; for their children to get a higher education than they could ever get.

People like them are our motivation – with our own way and capability – to introduce their creations to the eyes of the world. Yes, this is just a beginning, and we believe that we’re able to support them in preserving their cultural heritage in this digital era.

Through your participation, you will be involved in:

  1. Supporting the welfare of Indonesian weavers
  2. Creating generations who have a sense of belongings to keep preserving and continuing the production of beautiful and eco-friendly weave.
  3. You have it